Working as a freelance photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lindsay’s work explores the complexities of the American West—both its stunning beauty and its harshness and challenges.

She had never been camping farther than a friend's backyard until she moved from New York to Wyoming, about a decade ago. She’d landed a job packing horses at a remote ranch in the Wind River mountains, hours from the nearest town, which boasted no electricity or cell service. The mountains and the resourcefulness of the people she met that summer, inspired a passion that redirected the course of her life and the work she’d go on to pursue.

It is her greatest hope to our ease our fears and isolation by sharing stories of perseverance, transformation, solidarity, and our love for one another. She seeks work professionally and personally that encourages us to empathize with people whose lives differ greatly from our own. 

Because all challenges are best met with a smile, she loves a good rambling joke, climbing rocks, and beating her dad at cribbage. 

Please contact Lindsay at, 631-827-5458, or use the form below. She is available for commission and happy to travel!

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